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Event submission

Our event listing contains multiple event types, including: updates, conferences, forums and workshops. These events are of interest to Australian grain growers, advisors and researchers.

Events are held in various locations around the country and contain the latest advice, and research and development, that may be of interest to growers. Registrations are essential to attend events.

Submitting an event

To submit an event for publishing on the GRDC website, complete the GRDC event submission form, include any attachments.

An event must be submitted for publishing at least one month in advance of the event. This ensures the event submission makes our monthly event email to growers.

By submitting an event, you’re:

  • confirming all details provided are accurate, current and complete, and you have the approval to submit this information
  • agreeing to be contacted about the event submission, if needed
  • agreeing to GRDC’s Privacy Policy and Terms of use and disclaimer.

Please note:

  • your event submission will be actioned for publishing within 3-5 working days and you will receive confirmation when completed
  • we reserve the right to reject any events that are deemed inappropriate for GRDC’s audience or don’t specify enough detail.

Submit an event

Updating your event details

If you need to update an event that has already been published on the GRDC website, please forward the original event confirmation email along with the changes you require to

If you require further assistance or additional information, please email