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Sensor network builds soil moisture knowledge bank

Photo (from left) of Frank D'Emden, Brad Tonkin and Kristin Lefroy

Theories on the water-holding capacity of soils across Western Australia's wheatbelt are being tested after the wet winter in 2016, utilising a network of moisture probes

Profitability rising on a lentil learning curve

Photo of Abby, Indi (with Emily the lamb) and Hamish Paton

Hamish and Abby Paton are overturning the belief among some that lentils do not grow well in southern New South Wales

Farm business models – why consider a change

Voer of Farm business models – why make a change fact sheet

Alternative farm business models can enhance profitability, provide more effective risk management and assist with business succession.

Cost effective investment in machinery

Image of Cost-effective investment in machinery fact sheet cover

Substantial gains in farm productivity and efficiency in recent years can be linked to improvements in machinery capacity and technology

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