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Chickpea disease risk a strategy driver

Photo of NSW DPI plant pathologist Kevin Moore

Chickpea growers are urged to be vigilant in their approach to crop sequencing, variety selection, paddock choice and overall disease management ahead of what experts predict will be a high-pressure ascochyta blight season this year.

Testing times after the big wet

Photo of NSW DPI crop nutrition specialist Graeme Sandral

Drenching winter and spring rainfall across parts of the northern grains region during 2016 has left some grain growers weighing their options for nutrient replacement and restoring long-term soil health.

Cost effective investment in machinery

Image of Cost-effective investment in machinery fact sheet cover

Substantial gains in farm productivity and efficiency in recent years can be linked to improvements in machinery capacity and technology

Business structure: things you should know and ask your adviser

Image of cover of Business structures fact sheet

Farming families rarely change or adopt new business structures without receiving advice from their accountant, farm adviser or lawyer. While the provision of advice on matters within their areas of expertise is the role of advisers, there is an obligation on those receiving the advice to carefully consider the advice received and use the information received to make decisions.

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