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Strategic tillage puts the pressure back on weeds

Image of Darren Jensen

For Central Queensland growers Darren and Tanya Jensen a strategic approach to cultivation has proven a profitable option for weed control on the family’s 1750-hectare Biloela property.

Sowing strategies studied for yield effects

Image of Dr Therese McBeath

Research is demonstrating the potential for sowing strategies to improve crop productivity on sandy soils in the southern cropping region.

Nitrous oxide emissions in the Grains Industry: Research on tillage trials

NANORP cover image

Nitrogenous fertiliser is a major, consistent investment in crop growth that Australian grain growers make in order to meet yield targets.

Nitrous oxide emissions in the Grains Industry: Nitrogen fertiliser losses from soil

NANORP fact sheet cover image

Agriculture is responsible for an estimated 85 per cent of Australia’s emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O), a greenhouse gas with almost 300 times the potency of carbon dioxide.

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