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Trials measure optimum grain and graze cycle


Tasmanian mixed farmers can help optimise the productivity of dual-purpose wheat by sowing no later than March and by locking up the crop at growth stage (GS) 30 or at the end of tillering.

New snail control insights emerge

Photo of SARDI research officer Blake Gontar

A combination of cultural or on-farm practices and well-timed baiting is the most effective approach to controlling snail populations. This is the finding of a GRDC-supported research initiative through the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).

Farm business models – why consider a change

Voer of Farm business models – why make a change fact sheet

Alternative farm business models can enhance profitability, provide more effective risk management and assist with business succession.

Cost effective investment in machinery

Image of Cost-effective investment in machinery fact sheet cover

Substantial gains in farm productivity and efficiency in recent years can be linked to improvements in machinery capacity and technology

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