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Can harvest weed-seed control work in the north?

Photo of specialist weeds researcher Dr Michael Walsh

Many northern grain growers have been “a little sceptical” about introducing harvest weed-seed control (HWSC) as another tool for combating herbicide resistance. Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) principal weed science researcher Dr Michael Widderick says few growers in Queensland or New South Wales incorporate HWSC into their management practices, but, like other leading researchers, he believes this will change.

Mungbeans vs fungus: two sprays for optimum control

Photo of powdery mildew on mungbeans

When it comes to protecting mungbeans from powdery mildew, one well-timed fungicide spray is valuable, but two can be even better.

Blackleg Management Guide Fact Sheet

GRDC Factsheet blackleg management cover

Blackleg can cause severe yield loss, but can be successfully managed. Use this guide to determine whether you are in a high-risk situation and what practices you can change to reduce or prevent yield loss from blackleg.

Redlegged earth mite RMS – NSW, SA, Tasmania and Victoria

Eastern RLEM

Resistance management strategy for the redlegged earth mite in Australian grains and pastures in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria)

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