Spray Drift

The APVMA has issued a National Spray Drift Management Tool permit for the recalculation of buffer zones for products under PER93132.

Watch the Spray Drift Management Tool instructional video or access it via the Excel Tool.

Applying crop protection products is one of the biggest expenses in a farming operation, both in terms of chemical products and capital investment in fit-for-purpose equipment to do the job.

To maximise return from this investment, chemical applied needs to stay in the paddock and hit the intended targets.

Effective application will minimise the risks of off-target damage.

Spray Drift is a whole of community issue, and everyone has a responsibility to understand their obligations in managing it.

We have developed this resource to help growers and spray operators follow best practice application techniques in accordance with the most up-to-date research and information.

We also have a role in:

  • Investing in fundamental research to help define safe, efficacious and efficient spray practices
  • Supporting the development of resources to communicate this research and best practice
  • Supporting on-going training for spray applicators
  • Liaising with industry to ensure consistent messaging and approach.

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