GRDC Grains Research Update, online - Sea Lake

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GRDC Grains Research Update, online - Sea Lake

Date: 21 Jul 2020
Region: South


Join Greg Condon, Garry Rosewarne and Michael Moodie for a live online question and answer session. Adaption to the local situation enhanced through involvement by Alistair Murdoch, local grower.

  • Broadleaf weed control in pulses - Greg Condon
  • Herbicide tolerant pulses - Garry Rosewarne
  • Risks and rewards of deep ripping - Michael Moodie

In a break from tradition and due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, GRDC Grains Research Updates will be delivered in a dynamic online format discussing relevant, timely and farm-ready research relating to broadleaf weed control in pulses, herbicide tolerant pulse varieties and limitations to deep ripping Mallee sands learnt from hindsight.

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