GRDC Grains Research Update – Goondiwindi

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GRDC Grains Research Update – Goondiwindi

Date: 28 Feb 2023 - 01 Mar 2023
Region: North


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Topics: Tuesday 28 February 2023

  • General Plenary
    • Metrics to prove farming system sustainability & secure market access - Trends and timelines? Michael Anderson (Graincorp)
    • Key drivers of short & long-term profitability in different farming systems. Lindsay Bell (CSIRO)
    • Maintaining long term soil fertility - The role of manure, legumes and N fertiliser strategy - lessons from farming systems research. Jon Baird (NSW DPI) & Darren Aisthorpe (DAF Qld)
  • Disease
    • Rust in 2023 & beyond. Prof. Robert Park (Plant Breeding Institute)
    • Cereal diseases - what could be done better in 2023?
      • Wheat diseases. Steve Simpfendorfer (NSW DPI)
      • Barley diseases. Lislé Snyman (DAF Qld)
    • Discussion
  • Cropping Outside the Box
    • Companion cropping with wheat & chickpeas. Andrew Erbacher (DAF Qld)
    • Experiences with summer sown chickpeas. Drew Penberthy (Outlook Ag)
    • Advances in the biological control of flax leaf fleabane with a novel rust fungus. Ben Gooden (CSIRO)
    • Silicon in cropping - should we care? Chris Guppy (UNE)
  • Pick 'n' Mix
    • Canola in northern farming systems - Varieties, time of sowing, flowering windows, phenology & system legacy impacts. Lindsay Bell (CSIRO) & Jeremy Whish (CSIRO)
    • PhD presentation: Root architecture - Impacts on late season crop development to improve yield & yield stability under water stress.  Jack Christopher for Kanwal Shazadi (UQ)
    • Long coleoptile wheat - Can they deliver a longer sowing window and deeper seeding option? Cameron Silburn (DAF Qld)
    • PhD presentation:  Spatial soil constraint diagnosis using remote sensing & soil data. Fathiyya Ulfa (UQ)
  • Mental health & finding system profit
    • Looking after yourself to look after your clients in challenging times. Mary O'Brien (Are you bogged mate?)
    • Finding profit in the face of increasing input costs, interest and land value. Simon Fritsch (Agripath)

Topics: Wednesday 1 March 2023

  • Early risers
    • In paddock decision-making on fungicide intervention
      • Interpreting the situation & decision-making for intervention under high inoculum loads.
      • Varietal planning for 2023, disease resistance ratings and mitigating risk

      Steve Simpfendorfer (NSW DPI), Prof. Robert Park (Plant Breeding Institute), Lislé Snyman (DAF Qld), Tim Poole (Poole Ag Consulting) & Hugh Reardon-Smith (Nutrien Ag Solutions)

  • Crop protection
    • Fall armyworm impacts by crop, management strategy & resistance. Melina Miles (DAF Qld)
    • Effects of summer crop choice on root lesion nematodes, charcoal rot, AMF & winter crop pathogen levels - farming systems results. Steve Simpfendorfer (NSW DPI) & Andrew Erbacher (DAF Qld)
    • Mice management strategies in the lead up to baiting and optimising bait effectiveness with different levels of background food. Steve Henry (CSIRO)
  • Weeds
    • The role & fit of new pre-emergent herbicides. Greg Condon (Grassroots Agronomy)
    • Imazapic & diuron availability & toxicity in different soils. Michael Widderick (DAF Qld)
    • Regulatory needs for green-on-green optical spot sprayers; & herbicide tolerance trait stacking. Rohan Rainbow (Crop Protection Australia)
    • Crop competition effects on weeds & crops - Key trends from six years of research in the northern region. Michael Widderick (DAF Qld)
  • Pulses & sustainability
    • Grain farm sustainability. Tim Neale (Data Farming)
      • Can technology help to monetise Australian grain farms sustainability?
      • Are there productivity rewards?
    • Mungbeans - are they a contributor or user of soil N? Implications for nutrition in crop sequences. Doug Sands (DAF Qld)
    • Swathing vs direct heading mungbeans - Pro's and cons. Jayne Gentry (DAF Qld)
    • PhD presentation: Pigeon pea - Temperature, photoperiod & radiation impacts on flowering, biomass & yield in different pigeon pea varieties Mahendraraj Sabampillai (UQ)
  • General plenary
    • Future Farm & the potential value in data-driven N decisions Brett Whelan (University of Sydney)
    • Nitrogen - strategies for building the pool and reducing losses Chris Dowling (Back Paddock Co.)
      • Organic vs different fertiliser N sources
      • Spread urea or drill it in?
      • How much N do legumes add?
      • A systems approach to N.
    • Panel session, including results from Colonsay long term nutrition site
      • How big have the N losses been in recent years
      • Managing NUE in and after wet to drowning years

      Mike Bell (UQ), Chris Dowling (Back Paddock Co.), Bede O'Mara (Incitec Pivot Fertilisers) & Brett Whelan (University of Sydney)



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