Breeding investments

Crop breeding

We currently actively invest in nine breeding programs with a total annual spend of $10.7M in 2021-22.

Some breeding programs have transitioned to the private sector as capacity developed and crop size made our additional investment unnecessary, and in some cases was hindering further progress and attraction of private investment.

Wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, durum and lupin breeding is currently undertaken by commercial entities. Conversely, chickpea, faba bean, field pea, lentil, milling oats, mungbean, peanut, soybean and vetch breeding is currently supported by GRDC.

When assessing current and future investments in crop breeding, we employ the following principles:

  • Invest where there is a genuine gap in the market - we do not have an appetite to compete with private sector breeding
  • Breeding programs are best placed to deliver profitable varieties that are competitive with other crop options for growers into the future
  • Breeding programs have the capacity, infrastructure and capability to carry out breeding in a manner that is commensurate with the scale of the crop and its potential growth and impact for Australian grain growers
  • Partner with the best
  • Resource appropriately
  • Implement the strategy that is right for that crop – not ‘one size fits all’.



Faba bean

Field pea


Milling oats





Crop breeding investments are managed by the Genetic Technologies Team.

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