Fungicide/Mode of Action rotation and mixtures with Fran Lopez-Ruiz

Host: | Date: 02 Jun 2021

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Using fungicide mixtures and rotating between Mode of Action groups is vital to eliminate resistant pathogen strains. Fungicide resistance specialist Dr Fran Lopez Ruiz from the Centre for Crop Disease Management at Curtin University highlights the importance of a dynamic spray program.

The ‘Fungicide Resistance Five’ is the basis for an integrated disease management strategy that growers can use on-farm to reduce fungicide resistance pressure on crop pathogens.

This six-part podcast series, produced through the Australian Fungicide Resistance Extension Network (AFREN), unpacks the individual elements of the strategy to inform growers why and how they should minimise the risk of fungicide resistance developing in their paddocks.

AFREN is a significant GRDC investment that brings together a national network of regional plant pathologists, fungicide resistance experts and communications and extension specialists. It is co-ordinated through the Centre for Crop Disease Management (CCDM), a co-investment between the GRDC and Curtin University.


Chris Hetherington,
Extension Coordinator, Australian Fungicide Resistance Extension Network (AFREN)
08 9266 3541

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