Guide - Machinery investment and replacement for Australian grain growers

Host: | Date: 07 Sep 2022

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Grain growers around Australia have a new tool, in the form of a comprehensive guide, to support informed decision making around machinery purchases.

The guide, titled “Machinery investment and replacement for Australian grain growers”, is the result of a two-year GRDC initiated project to assist growers to evaluate decisions around machinery investment.

The information has been gathered from contributions from more than 450 grain growers around Australia, who shared their machinery purchase and ownership experiences, resulting in 30 case studies that are featured in the guide.

The guide offers a valuable snapshot of machinery ownership levels to help growers compare their position against industry averages for similar farming operations.

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Ben White 
Kondinin Group

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Download a PDF of the guide here.

GRDC Project Code: KIS1911-001SAX,