Mechanical Weeder Marks A New Era In Tactical Tillage

Host: | Date: 15 May 2019

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Managing herbicide resistant weeds has become a major concern for grain growers, especially in the northern region which has the highest number of glyphosate resistant weed species.

These are mainly summer weed species. It was for this reason that GRDC invested in the tactical tillage project and called for a non-chemical means of weed control for use in an integrated weed management system. Answering the call, the University of Western Australia proposed it would engineer a machine that could see weeds and chip them out of the soil.

Mechanical Weeder marks a new era in tactical tillage. Andrew Guzzomi, Inaugural Agricultural Engineer from University of Western Australia, shares his insights.

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Dr Andrew Guzzomi, Senior Lecturer 
Inaugural Agricultural Engineer, School of Engineering
The University of Western Australia
6488 3883