Spray Drift Webinar

APVMA Releases Changes to 2,4-D Chemical Use

  • Spray application - 2,4D label and permit changes

What you need to know

  • The full instructions can be found here https://apvma.gov.au/node/32941
  • Do not spray when a surface temperature inversion is present
  • Applicators must now use at least a Very Coarse (VC) spray quality
  • When using a boom sprayer, boom heights must be 0.5m or lower above the target canopy
  • Downwind buffers now apply (typically less than 50m, subject to rate and product being applied) between application sites, downwind sensitive crops and environmentally sensitive aquatic areas
  • Additional record keeping is required. Operators need to update spray records, with greater detail, within 24 hours of application and keep these records for a minimum of two years.

The webinar covers

The webinar will include a presentation by APVMA about the changes and feature a panel of experts to provide practical advice and personal experience to answer your questions.

  • APVMA explanation of changes to the ‘directions for use’ for 2,4-D.
  • Changes to application techniques.
  • Spray quality.
  • Timing.
  • The observance of mandatory no-spray buffer zones.
  • Increased requirements for detailed record keeping.
  • Interactive Q&A session with an expert panel.

Watch the spray drift webinar here

APVMA Instructions

Mitigating Spray Drift Risk

Weather and Drift Reduction

The resources below will help you quickly identify information that is relevant to you for mitigating the risk of spray drift