Applying and reporting

The GRDC’s research, development and extension investments are treated as partnerships with researchers, stakeholders and investors to drive innovations that will maximise benefits to growers and the grain industry as a whole. This page provides a high-level explanation of application processes, and the reporting requirements applying to our current R&D partners.

Partnering with the GRDC

Prospective RD&E partners can apply to partner with the GRDC to deliver research and extension that benefits Australian grain growers by responding to tenders and other research opportunities we advertise throughout the year.

Applications must be made online, using the GRDC’s Grains Investment Portal.  Under the GRDC’s new continuous investment cycle as proposed investments are developed for procurement they will be promoted on the GRDC’s website and through email to subscribers.

To make your application process as easy as possible, please ensure you have read the application instructions provided on the procurement page before proceeding to the Grains Investment Portal. You can find all open tenders and procurements on our Procurements page.

All applicants must specifically address the key selection criteria. To maximise the chances of your application succeeding, we encourage you to develop an understanding of our investment process and our current R&D investment priorities. You can also browse our extensive range of current research projects.

Research agreements

All researchers undertaking projects with the GRDC must sign a research agreement. Our standard research agreements apply to most projects. In some cases, projects will be contracted under different terms.

All researchers and research staff should be aware of the contractual terms that apply to their prospective or current projects.

Read more about our research agreements.

Research project specifications

All researchers undertaking projects with the GRDC must complete a project specification at the start of the project. Project specifications outline the proposed research goals and activities. Researchers are required to submit their specifications  through the Grains Investment Portal.

Research documentation and reporting

Our reporting requirements are designed so that the GRDC can provide growers and other stakeholders with regular updates on insights and research findings that affect the grains industry. The following key reporting requirements apply:

  • progress reports detailing progress against project milestones and outputs
  • annual results reports and final technical reports that help ensure research findings and project conclusions are readily available
  • final reports which detail the outputs of the R&D project.

All reporting is done using the Grains Investment Portal.

Read more about our reporting requirements (including reporting templates and forms).

GRDC Material Transfer Agreements

Under the GRDC Research Agreements, the transfer of GRDC Project Outputs to third parties is a two-step process requiring the research partner to obtain GRDC’s prior written approval of the transfer and GRDC’s agreement on the terms of the transfer.

GRDC has developed a number of Approved Material Transfer Agreements (Approved MTAs) for royalty-free transfers of GRDC Project Outputs to third parties.

Read more about our Approved MTAs.

Research Partner Briefings

In early 2017 the GRDC presented research partner briefings at several locations around Australia. They can be accessed at the below external link: