Contract templates

We have standard terms and conditions for contracting our investments. The templates for these contracts are provided, however, depending on the proposed arrangement, the terms and conditions may be subject to change.

Prospective suppliers and research, development and extension (RD&E) partners are encouraged to read and understand our terms and conditions prior to applying for any opportunity.

Research contracts

The research contract templates are the most common contracting arrangement for our RD&E investment projects. We continually review our research contracts and will release new versions as required.

The current research contract templates are:

Intellectual Property (IP) Registers

The Intellectual Property (IP) Register is a schedule to the GRDC Research Contracts and must be completed prior to a research contract being executed.

The IP Register also records whether there are any restrictions on the use of any intellectual property that would affect the dissemination or commercialisation of the Project Outputs. We may request more detail or documents from the research organisation (such as material transfer agreements or licence agreements) to understand ownership and terms of access for intellectual property that is used in the GRDC investment.

Our Research Agreement contains specific clauses relating to the content, responsibility for maintenance, and format of the IP Register, as well as definitions for important terms such as Intellectual Property and Project Outputs. Our research partners should make themselves aware of these important provisions.

Approved Material Transfer Agreements

Our research contracts require:

  • our research partners to obtain our written approval before any Project Outputs can be transferred to third parties
  • that the transfer must occur on an Approved Material Transfer Agreement (Approved MTA).

To obtain our approval to transfer Project Outputs to third parties, please email the manager of the project and include:

  • a request for us to approve the transfer of the Project Outputs, including a rationale for the transfer
  • a completed Schedule 1 of the applicable MTA
  • an up-to-date Intellectual Property Register for the project.

The GRDC Manager may seek additional information to understand how the transfer aligns with the aim of the project or delivery benefit to Australian growers, before responding to the request.

We have developed two Approved MTA templates that can be used for the transfer of Project Outputs to third parties on royalty-free terms:

Our Approved MTA templates are not suitable for the transfer of Project Outputs on commercial terms. If you're proposing to transfer the Project Outputs on commercial terms, please first contract your commercialisation or licensing team to help you draft a commercialisation plan.

Services contract

A Services contract is used when we fully fund an arrangement for:

  • the provision of services generally (including corporate services); or
  • assistance to deliver a project or investment.

View GRDC Services Contract.

Consultancy contract

A Consultancy contract is used when we seek specialist advice and expertise or an independent opinion on a particular process or subject matter.

View GRDC Consultancy Contract.