We have standard reporting requirements in our contractual arrangements which are designed to provide growers and other stakeholders with regular updates on insights and research findings that affect the grains industry. Reporting also assists us to ensure research, development and extension(RD&E) investments are achieving their objectives.

In addition, we have statutory obligations to disclose contractual information to government as part of our accountability and transparency requirements.

All reporting to us is done using the Grains Investment Portal, which includes technical support for the submission of reports.  Research partners should ensure that they meet the specific reporting requirements under their relevant contracts.

One of the key reporting obligations is the submission of a Milestone Report. The successful completion of Milestones assists us with managing the relevant arrangement and assessing the performance of our RD&E investments.

Intellectual Property (IP) Register

The IP Register is a schedule of our research contracts and is an important IP management tool for our investments.

The IP Register is a living document during the term of the agreement and the research organisation is responsible for reviewing and updating the IP Register to reflect any changes.

Generally, the research organisation should provide an updated IP Register at least once each year during the term of the relevant research contract. A complete and accurate IP Register is also required at the end of the term of the relevant research contract to record the Project Outputs that were developed and how those Project Outputs can be used by the parties after the investment has finished.

An editable IP Register template is available for download.



If you have any questions or need assistance completing your report, contact any of the following: