Snail Bait Application

Published: 14 Jan 2015

Lessons from the Yorke Peninsula to improve snail baiting effectiveness

Applying snail bait with a spreader after seeding is a common control method on Yorke Peninsula but recent research has shown growers need to adjust their spreader settings for more effective coverage.

Key Points

  • The size and density of a bait pellet determines the distance it is spread
  • Spreaders are designed for use with fertiliser so snail and slug bait is not spread as widely as farmers may expect. This effect was demonstrated in a recent trial on Yorke Peninsula
  • Fragmentation of baits can occur, reducing the number of effective baits
  • Growers must calibrate their spreaders especially for snail bait to achieve optimal bait coverage
  • Ute spreaders provide an uneven distribution of snail and slug bait.

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Region: South

GRDC Project Code: YPA00002,