Canola nutrition and sulfur

Published: 7 Apr 2016

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Key Points

  • Recent research indicates that blanket early applications of 20 kg/ha of sulfur (S) to soil in central/northern NSW and southern Qld are not warranted.
  • Sulfur deficiencies can be significant when they occur but occurrences are rare.
  • Growers can adopt a watch-and-see approach. Be ready to fertilise in-crop if signs of deficiency occur as 100% of yield and oil percentage can be recovered, if sulfur is applied before stem elongation.
  • Savings from S fertiliser costs may be better used to increase Nitrogen (N) rates.
  • Most soils in the regions researched would have sufficient S in the profile to meet the requirements of most crops.
  • Conducting KCl-40 soil tests before growing canola may be useful, however the currently recommended critical soil test levels are, in most cases, higher than needed.
  • Soil requirements for sulfur should be determined by deep soil tests. Shallow soil tests are unreliable.

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