How to make performance reviews work for your business and your employees

Published: 1 Jul 2019

The performance review process has two goals:

  • to provide employees with recognition, feedback and development; and
  • to help achieve the business’s goals and objectives.

Contrary to some beliefs, employees do want to know what they should continue, start and stop doing. Imagine if you had food remnants on your chin – would you want someone to tell you, or ignore it and cause you more embarrassment later? It might be uncomfortable for both parties initially, however, transparency and communication often lead to much better outcomes.


Performance reviews are like ‘taking the pulse’ of your business; the results show the health of your employees' relationships, wellbeing and general performance. If you want performance reviews to have a positive impact on your business, there are four things to consider.

  • Start planning early
  • Follow a simple, consistent process
  • Consider the legal implications
  • Have the capability and confidence to handle difficult conversations.

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