Should I own a truck?

Published: 1 Sep 2019

Grain growers are often tempted to own their own truck as a convenience. The question of whether to own a truck is complex and such a decision should be made with an understanding of the economics and other influencing factors. This fact sheet outlines a process to help make that decision.

Key Points

  • Careful analysis is recommended before committing to owning a truck
  • When looking at a major plant purchase, such as a truck, review it in conjunction with the goals and objectives of the entire business
  • Know the cost differential between owning a truck and using a contractor
  • Owning a truck enables the delivery of commodities direct to an end user at a time that is mutually convenient to both parties
  • Harvest logistics can improve when a grain-growing business owns a truck
  • Owning a truck provides the opportunity for effective labour use in the farm’s off-peak times
  • Owning a truck and delivering grain can help cover labour costs by converting an existing cost (freight paid to others) into an income for the farm

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