Green Bridge Factsheet

Published: 16 Jul 2020

The essential crop management tool – green bridge control is integral to pest and disease management

Control of the green bridge gives crops a better chance to reach their potential by reducing the risk of pests and diseases surviving between seasons, while preserving valuable soil moisture and nutrients.

What is the green bridge?

The term ‘green bridge’ describes the role of weeds and crop volunteers in helping prevent pests and diseases
that threaten crops cross from one cropping season into the next. This mass of vegetation grows on paddocks, headlands, roadsides and non-crop land after summer rain – although it can also refer to growth during winter, between summer crops.

A green bridge consists of crop volunteers usually from last year’s crop, and sometimes from crops grown one or two years before, plus weeds emerging from seeds set over many years, or from new windborne weed seeds.

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