Soil testing fact sheet

Published: 29 Mar 2022

Key points

  • Deep N testing during the crop tillering stage helps to understand N pool available to plant for growth, taking into consideration mineralisation of organic matter
  • Complete deep N testing at or just prior to crop growth stage 31, typically mid to late July depending upon the time of sowing and emergence
  • Fertiliser N application levels depend on the nitrogen demand of the crop (target yield and grain protein) and N supply remaining in the soil.
  • Take six deep cores down to approximate rooting depth to get a representative sample of the soil N profile.
  • Keep samples cool and dispatch for testing as soon as possible to ensure mineralisation does not occur within the bag.
  • By ensuring N is applied during the season, this reduces the reliance on N mining from the soil reserves during spring.

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Region: South

GRDC Project Code: ASO1805-001RTX,