Controlled Traffic Farming: Case Studies of Growers in Western Australia

Published: 19 Jul 2017

GRDC Controlled traffic farming case studies of growers in western australia cover image

Subsoil compaction caused by cropping machinery ‘traffic’ in paddocks is a costly and increasing problem across the Western Australian grainbelt. The GRDC is making significant investments in managing this issue through the ‘Soil Constraints – West’ project. The GRDC Western Regional Panel initiated this booklet of grower case studies to identify and extend information about the CTF practices being used on-farm to manage the problem.

The tactics they are using that are highlighted in the CTF case studies include:

  • Implementation of guidance systems
  • Redesigning paddock boundaries
  • Matching a range of machinery wheel and operating widths and ratios
  • Tramline management
  • Inter-row sowing innovations
  • CTF with deep ripping/tillage
  • Chaff decks and weed control
  • Sheep in the system
  • Hay production and CTF.

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Region: West

GRDC Project Code: CIC1507-002WSX,