2018 Canola variety guide for Western Australia

Introduction to WA canola

There are several herbicide tolerance systems available in WA canola varieties.

  • Triazine tolerant (TT); tolerant to selected triazine herbicides
  • Roundup Ready® (RR); tolerant to Monsanto glyphosate herbicide
  • Triazine tolerant and Roundup Ready® (TT+RR); tolerant to both Monsanto registered glyphosate and triazine herbicides.
  • Clearfield® (CL); tolerant of imidazolinone herbicides (and marketed as Clearfield®)
  • Conventional canola (CC); does not have extra herbicide tolerance, but is tolerant of grass selective herbicides, as are the previous types.

Both RR and TT+RR canola types are developed using single gene genetic modification (GM).

There are different canola breeding types;

  • Open pollinated (OP) and
  • Hybrid (Hy).

Open pollinated seed is created through self pollination. Harvested OP seed is often retained on-farm for use at sowing. Hybrid seed is produced from managed crosses between different canola parent lines and is normally purchased each year.

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