Cropping Zone - Management Guideline

Published: 15 Feb 2018

The purpose of these Management Guidelines are to assist growers to assess the performance of their business against a data set from their region and to help identify the key issues that need to be addressed to lift performance.

Cropping Zone - Management Guideline - NSW Central cover imageThis report identifies the key management affected profit drivers by agro-ecological zone and provides some guidelines around how growers can manage them. The profit drivers have been identified through the collection of more than 300 benchmarking datasets nationally. These benchmarking datasets have been analysed by the respective project partners to identify the key management affected profit drivers by agro-ecological zone. The quantitative benchmarking analysis has also been complemented by a qualitative survey process with grain growers across each region.

There are a range of environmental and enterprise characteristics that are unique to each agroecological zone and the applied project methodology allows these to be explored.

This Management Guideline has been designed for grain growers as part of the GRDC’s Project RDP00013 ‘The integration of technical data and profit drivers for more informed decisions’. This national project is being delivered across the 14 major grain growing agro-ecological zones in Australia through the collaborative partnering of five agribusiness consulting organisations.

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Region: North; South

GRDC Project Code: RDP00013