Managing heavy clay soils to improve grain cropping in a high rainfall environment

Published: 3 May 2018

Grower solutions for coastal/Hinterland QLD and NSW North Coast

2018 Practice change case study

Two approaches

Fred Faulkner and Paul Fleming have made changes to their farming practices to manage their heavy clay soils.


Fred Faulkner:

  • used existing machinery to create permanent single row hills renovated after harvest
  • reduces tillage and limits traffic in the crop growing zone
  • adds organic matter via poultry manure; and
  • retains stubble and utilises green manure crops

Raised beds

Paul Fleming:

  • laser levelled and implemented a well designed drainage plan to remove excess water
  • created permanent raised beds (two or four rows on top of the beds) that accommodate a range of crops and machinery
  • uses GPS guidance for controlled traffic
  • maintains groundcover on the beds to keep soil covered

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Region: North

GRDC Project Code: DAQ00204