2019 Wheat variety sowing guide for Western Australia

Published: 19 Dec 2018

About this publication

The 2019 Wheat variety sowing guide for Western Australia provides information to support growers with decisions on variety selection and management. This publication contains a summary on the yield performance of varieties in the NVT, disease resistance ratings, a new section on winter wheat varieties and agronomic information. Quick reference fact sheets for 22 commonly grown and recently released varieties are also available at the back of the guide, along with grain marketing information and seed distributor information.

This publication also provides information on what to grow and when.

What to look for in a new variety

new variety should:

  • have better or equal yield, grain quality and/or disease traits
  • provide diversity or risk mitigation
  • suit current market requirements.

Reviewing available trial information (NVT or DPIRD trials) is recommended. This bulletin provides available information on disease, agronomy, yield and quality characteristics to assist you with variety choice and management.

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Region: West

Bulletin: 4894

ISSN: 1833 7236 (print)