Redlegged earth mite best management practice guide – Southern

Published: 1 Feb 2020

Overuse of insecticides, particularly the repeated applications of chemicals from the same mode of action (MOA) group, has led to the evolution of resistance in redlegged earth mite (RLEM). Resistance has been detected within the western and southern regions of Australia and it is expected that the areas of known resistance will continue to increase (2019).

Resistance includes the two main chemical groups: synthetic pyrethroids (MOA Group 3A) and organophosphates (MOA Group 1B).

These chemicals are routinely applied against this pest in both the grains and grazing industries. Ultimately, the use of broad spectrum insecticides to control RLEM places strong selection pressure on the evolution of resistance.

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Region: South

GRDC Project Code: CES2010-001RTX,