Ecology of major emerging weeds

Published: 16 Aug 2021

It is easy to focus on understanding and implementing weed control tactics. However, it is also important to consider aspects of weed biology and ecology. Ongoing weed control cannot be successful until we understand how weeds grow and interact with other species, including crops, management practices and the environment.

Through having increased knowledge of the biology andecology of weeds, growers will have the tools to implement the most appropriate management strategies for the weedspectrum occurring on their properties. By being aware of weedecology, the likely weed-related implications of changing farming practices such as new crops, earlier sowing, or soil amelioration can be understood.

Weed scientists and advisers can offer advice on weed control,but it is important to remember individual weed species can behave quite differently across the breadth of Australia. The only way to accurately judge what an individual weed population isdoing is to look at it, fairly regularly, and to understand why the weeds are acting or reacting in certain ways.

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