Inoculating legumes: practice and science

Published: 2 Jun 2023

Every year, Australian farmers sow crop and pasture legumes inoculated with rhizobia on about 5 million hectares. Inoculated legumes have an improved ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen. It is estimated that these legumes fix around 3.5 million tonnes of nitrogen a year valued at around $3.5 billion.
'Inoculating legumes: practice and science' is a comprehensive handbook detailing all the latest science and practical management knowledge around legume inoculation. Topics covered include:
  • inoculation in practice including tips to optimise nodulation and inoculant formulation
  • assessing legume nodulation
  • rhizobial inoculants including strains and quality control
  • rhizobia and the rhizobia-legume symbiotic relationship
  • number and nitrogen fixation capacity of rhizobia in soils
  • legume nitrogen fixation and legumes in rotation

Plus, it includes detailed fact sheets on all the primary crop and pasture legumes and their inoculation.

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