GRDC Standard Nozzle Selection Guide

Published: 18 Jan 2024

Nozzles have a significant impact on spray quality and therefore the effectiveness and efficiency of spraying operations. An effective way to manipulate spray quality is to choose suitable nozzles for the specific task, while at the same time ensuring compliance with the label requirements in terms of a minimum spray quality to mitigate against the risk of spray drift.

GRDC's Standard Nozzle Selection Guide for standard boom sprays details the most common or widely-used nozzle types in spraying systems to help spray operators select the best nozzle for their task.

This guide was first published in January 2021, and confirmed as up to date in January 2024, with no updates.

Please refer to the Pulse width modulation sprayers factsheet, which includes the nozzle selection guide for pulse width modulation sprayers.

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