Dealing with the dry

Challenging drought conditions

As grain growers across the GRDC’s northern region and parts of the southern region continue to be challenged by drought conditions, the GRDC is committed to providing access to practical agronomic advice and support to assist with on-farm decision making during tough times.

This page provides easy access to useful information on agronomy in dry times and tips for planning and being prepared when it does rain.

There are also resources for farm business, including tips for retaining staff in dry times and debt management strategies, including advice on how to prepare for difficult conversations with your bank manager.

Watch the videos from the GRDC Dealing with the Dry forum series. These forums were initiated to bring practical, relevant information to growers in drought-affected regions of New South Wales and Queensland.


Agronomy for dry conditions

Maximising crop potential in a drying environment

Changing weather patterns can mean growers are increasingly attempting to plant into less-than-favourable conditions. This resource offers information on how and what growers can do to make the most of varying moisture levels in a drying environment.

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image of greg rummery

Are you ready and set for when it rains?

Experienced agronomist Greg Rummery offers growers a guide-for-action amidst the often paralysing talk of drought, rainfall deficits and erratic summer storms. Here is what growers can do to put themselves in the best position to take advantage of a sustained seasonal break

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Farm business strategies in tough seasons

Mental health support

Harvest or hay making informed decisions

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