GRDC Grains Research Update – Wagga Wagga

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GRDC Grains Research Update – Wagga Wagga

Date: 14 Feb 2023 - 15 Feb 2023
Region: North


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Topics: Tuesday 14 February 2023

  • General plenary
    • Farming systems - profit over time and risk - The impact of three wet consecutive seasons. John Kirkegaard (CSIRO)
    • Nitrogen - strategies for N banking and reducing losses
      • How are different strategies performing?
      • N cycling, sources, loss pathways
      • Comparing N in cereals and canola
      • Economics and risk

      James Hunt (University of Melbourne) & Ash Wallace (Agriculture Victoria)

  • Farming systems and pulses
    • Legacy effects and the value of pulses in the farming system Mathew Dunn (NSW DPI)
    • Pulse agronomy to maximise yield and farming system benefit Rohan Brill (Brill Ag)
    • Pushing yield barriers in faba bean Ben Morris (FAR Australia)
  • Weeds
    • Regulatory needs for green-on-green optical spot sprayers and herbicide tolerance trait stacking  - Opportunities and issues for industry. Rohan Rainbow (Crop Protection Australia)
    • Weed mapping using drones for targeted weed spraying. Ben Single (Single Agriculture)
    • Drones for weed detection and control. Tristan Steventon (Stevtech)Discussion
  • Soils and pasture legumes
    • Profit drivers when ameliorating sandy soils. Therese McBeath (CSIRO)
    • Maximising phosphorus uptake by crops to optimise profit in central and southern NSW. Shihab Uddin (NSW DPI)
    • Nitrogen and other legacies of different pastures grown in crop rotation.s Belinda Hackney (Select Carbon)

Topics: Wednesday 15 February 2023

  • Early risers
    • Soil acidity - Its stratification and how soils respond to amelioration with lime in different environments.  Jason Condon (CSU), Helen Burns (NSW DPI)
  • Disease
    • Rust in 2023 & beyond Prof. Robert Park (Plant Breeding Institute)
    • Cereal diseases - an autopsy of 2022 and management to do better in 2023 - Stripe rust, powdery, septoria and root diseases.  Brad Baxter (NSW DPI)
    • Fungicide resistance update Franz Lopez (Curtin University)
    • Discussion - Implications for varietal selection & fungicide planning in 2023
  • Canola
    • Hyper yielding canola agronomy - Key levers & their interactions; varieties, N and lessons learnt. Rohan Brill (Brill Ag)
    • Just how much damage does frost & heat stress do to yield & quality in canola? Rajneet Uppal (NSW DPI)
    • Canola diseases - A regional update on sclerotinia & blackleg management for 2023. Kurt Lindbeck (NSW DPI)
    • The genetics of crown canker and upper canopy infection in canola and response to fungicides. Steve Marcroft (Marcroft Pathology Services)
  • Cereal phenology and physiology
    • Understanding the physiology of wheat yield & interactions between temperature, nitrogen & water Victor Sadras (SARDI)
    • An updated cereal phenology classification - Fitting new wheat and barley varieties. Felicity Harris (CSU)
    • 100-day wheats for Australian farming systems & traits for yield in short season late sown wheat. Tim Green (CSU)
  • Mental health & finding system profit
    • Looking after yourself to look after your clients in challenging times  Tammy Elwin (RAMHP)
    • Finding profit in the face of increasing input costs, interest and land value  Simon Fritsch (Agripath)
  • General plenary
    • Optimising control of annual ryegrass Chris Preston (University of Adelaide)
      • Clethodim activity on resistant annual ryegrass in canola
      • Updated herbicide resistance data for southern NSW
      • Managing issues with pre-sowing knockdown of glyphosate resistant ryegrass
      • Strategies for HRZ's
      • Are we selecting for later germinating biotypes of ryegrass and what is the impact on the performance of pre-emergent herbicides?
    • Hyper yielding cereal agronomy -  Key levers and their interactions - varieties, N and lessons learnt. Nick Poole (FAR Australia)



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