GRDC Code: BWD2303-002RTX
NGN - Seasonal management of disease complexes in a variable climate for the Southern Vic Mallee

This project is designed to assist grower decision making in managing disease complexes as they arise in season, and understanding risks and seasonal probabilities.

Seasonal conditions in the local area can vary dramatically across decile years in terms of rainfall quantities and patterns across the season, resulting in challenges around understanding when growers will achieve an economic return on application of fungicides. Considering the complexities of fungicide resistance and using integrated disease management approaches, there is a clear opportunity to assist growers in making in-season decisions around disease control as they arise in situ.

This project aims to demonstrate a range of management strategies for disease complexes as they arise, including plot trials at two locations assessing genetic plant resistance, fungicide and other management strategies in wheat, barley and lentils, and up to four responsive in paddock trials across the subregions, if and where need arises. Trials are aimed to support facilitated discussion and peer to peer learning around key disease management decisions.

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  • Wheat, (Cereal)
  • Barley, (Cereal)
  • Lentils, (Legume)
Birchip Cropping Group
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