GRDC Code: FMO2201-001SAX
NGN: Increasing capacity and capability for mouse surveillance and management in the Western Australian grains industry

During the 2021 autumn and winter growing season, there has been an increase in reports of large populations of the feral house mouse (Mus muculus domesticus) causing damage to crops across the Western Australian (WA) grain-belt. House mice undergo periodic and irregular outbreaks in grain production areas, and if the local environment and climatic conditions are conducive, plagues can occur in a relatively short period of time.

Subsequently, the progression of the season, the high-yielding crops growing across large areas of the state providing a large food source, and the survival of mice during winter, has resulted in increased risk that populations will develop to unmanageable and highly damaging levels through spring and through to sowing next season.

The project aims to increase the capacity and capability of WA growers and advisers to identify mouse presence and damage in crops, understand the implication and associated risk of mouse outbreaks throughout the season in WA environments, and inform growers and advisers of effective baiting strategies during mouse outbreaks. Furthermore, this will complement the existing CSIRO/GRDC investment: Improved surveillance and management options for mice in crops (CSP1806-017RTX), providing additional data and knowledge to improve the understanding of mouse outbreaks in the Western Region.

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GRDC is committed to exploring options for better mouse management for Australian grain growers. Due to the increasing prevalence of mice in many key grain-growing regions, GRDC has partnered with CSIRO and invested over $4.6 million on mouse management.

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