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NGN - Maximising the profitability of fallow
At recent NGN Forums in WA there was a wide-ranging discussion around fallow and the reasons to use fallow in rotations and activities that could be looked at in trials. The topics below were discussed:
- Deciding on area to fallow prior to seeding to de-risk operation.
- Looking at range of soil types - why they perform differently under fallow
- Best return on crop type after fallow
- Liming - cultivation approach, disc vs tyne incorporation, water retention
- What's the best way - mechanical fallow vs chemical fallow vs crop rotation?
- Heavy/strong soils - what do we need to do in fallow to maximise profitability?
This investment will set up six farm scale trials in 2023 with treatments implemented with grower machinery followed by the site sown to wheat (or other option - canola) in 2024. The economic costs of the fallow and any gains in the following crop to be discussed as part of the project.
The project aims to give growers in the low rainfall zone improved knowledge of fallow management and the economic value of fallow in their cropping rotations.
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Maximising the profitability of fallow

What are the reasons to use fallow in rotations and just what is the economic value of this farming practice?

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