GRDC Code: SFS2112-002SAX
NGN Large stubble loads and the impact of stripper/disc systems in the High Rainfall Zone of Southern Australia

This investment will compare the stripper and disc seeding systems as a method for managing the high stubble loads generated from high yielding crops.

Growers in the southern region have repeatedly expressed interest in stripper and disc systems as a potential method to increasing speed, capacity and efficiency of harvest throughput via the use of a stripper front (compared to conventional or draper fronts) and the disc seeding system to assist in successful establishment of crops in large stubble residue. There is some hesitation in management of herbicide efficacy, potential increased disease, nitrogen losses (tie-up) and frost implications due to taller standing stubble and unknowns around pest numbers (particularly slugs) under the stripper/disc system.

This investment will provide demonstration sites to increase knowledge in constraints and opportunities in comparable harvesting / planting strategies and assist in shaping further investments.

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  • Wheat, (Cereal)
  • Barley, (Cereal)
  • All Pulses, (Legume)
  • Canola/Rapeseed, (Oilseed)
Southern Farming Systems (SFS)
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