The seedbank life of emerging problem weeds

Host: | Date: 13 Oct 2021

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The seedbank is the link between the current weed populations and future infestations. While the seedbank life is well understood for major weed species such as annual ryegrass, new research has filled the knowledge gap on the seedbank life of emerging weed species.

The research, emanating from a five-year GRDC investment, has delivered a comprehensive manual on weed seedbanks. The Ecology of Major Emerging Weeds resource details more than 25 summer and winter weed species.

In this podcast, we speak to the three weed scientists who delivered this research, Gurjeet Gill, Catherine Borger and Bhagirath Chauhan. Their insight on the headline findings and emerging issues in landscapes across the northern, southern and western regions is essential listening for all growers and advisers.


Gurjeet Gill, The University of Adelaide

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