We aim to work with research, development and extension (RD&E) partners to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers and deliver value for money outcomes to ensure that public and grower resources are used in a manner that is:

  • efficient
  • effective
  • ethical
  • economical.

We regularly advertise opportunities on the open tenders and other opportunities page. Our other opportunities page contains information about our Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) and other investment opportunities.

If you would like receive notification of new tender opportunities, then subscribe to GRDC communications and then scroll down the page to specify that you would like to receive notification of new request for tenders.

Enquiries and complaints regarding tenders

Submit any enquiries relating to a specific tender in accordance with clause ‘Enquiries about this RFT’ in the terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of each prospective tenderer to review the GRDC Request for Tender (RFT) Terms and Conditions and ensure compliance.

If you have a complaint about a tender than please complete the external complaints form.