Diamondback moth

Published: 1 Jul 2013

Cover page of Diamondback Moth fact sheet

Crop monitoring from July onwards is key to making effective decisions for controlling diamondback moth.

Key Points

  • Diamondback moth (DBM) can be a serious pest of canola and is found in all grain-growing regions.
  • DBM outbreaks have become more frequent and severe in some regions, particularly in seasons with mild winters.
  • The key to DBM control is to monitor crops from mid-July onwards.
  • Resistance to commonly used insecticides is a major concern.
  • Use thresholds to guide spray decisions and rotate insecticide groups between years.
  • High-risk situations may require two sprays applied within seven days to control DBM.
  • Spray application withholding periods before harvest or windrowing are the same, and must be observed.

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