European Earwigs Fact Sheet

Published: 1 Nov 2013

Cover page of the European earwigs fact sheet

Earwigs in the medium and high rainfall zones

European earwigs have emerged as a pest of increasing significance in the past five to ten years as a result

of changes in farming practices.

Key points

  • ––Minimum and no-till farming practices have been linked to an increase in earwig populations.
  • ––Earwigs attack mainly canola but also cereals, lupins and some legume crops.
  • ––Not all earwig species are pests – some are beneficial for integrated pest management.
  • ––Monitoring for earwigs should occur at night as they are nocturnal.
  • ––Minimise the risk of introducing earwigs to a property by ensuring all machinery, vehicles and equipment are clean.
  • ––Reducing stubble retention and decreasing refuges are likely to be the most effective strategies for managing populations.

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