Soil testing for crop nutrition (Western Region)

Published: 20 Jan 2014

Cover page of the Soil Testing Fact Sheet (Western Region)

Updated critical soil test values will help improve test interpretation to inform better fertiliser decisions.

Key points

  • A range of soil test values used to determine if a nutrient is deficient or adequate is termed a critical range.
  • Revised critical soil test values and ranges have been established for combinations of nutrients, crops and soil.
  • A single database collated more than 1892 trials from Western Australia for different crops.
  • Nutrient sufficiency is indicated if the test value is above the critical range.
  • Where the soil test falls below the critical range there is likely to be a crop yield response from added nutrients.
  • Critical soil test ranges have been established for 0 to 10cm and 0 to 30cm of soil.
  • Soil sampling to greater depth is considered important for more mobile nutrients (N, K and S) as well as for pH and salinity.
  • Use local data and support services to help integrate critical soil test data into profitable fertiliser decisions.

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