Clay Spreading and Delving

Published: 14 Jan 2015

Clay Spreading and Delving Fact Sheet Cover

Clay spreading and delving in light, sandy soils

Clay spreading or delving can significantly improve yields of sandy soils but it is vital that the process is
performed correctly.

Key Points:

  • Spreading or delving involves incorporating a clay-based subsoil into a sandy top-soil that usually has less than 5 percent clay content.
  • –– It can significantly improve the productivity of light, sandy soils by ameliorating unwanted effects of sandy soils on crop growth.
  • –– Yields on soils which have had clay spread or have been correctly delved have increased by up to 130 percent.
  • –– Benefits include eliminating water repellence, improved weed control, reduced erosion potential, and increased nutrient and water-holding capacity.
  • –– Using the correct clay spreading and delving process is critical for success and to avoid any adverse impacts on productivity.

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