Retaining Seed fact sheet

Published: 10 Dec 2021

Saving weather damaged grain for seed

Grain retained for seed that is harvested following wet conditions requires attentive management if a healthy crop is to be established next season. Seed management starts at harvest and continues through storage, handling and seeding.

Key points

  • Ideally retain seed from grain harvested before rain.
  • Weather damaged grain is more susceptible to poor germination, low vigour and degradation during storage and handling, so extra care is needed.
  • Harvest at low moisture and cool temperatures. Storage temperature and moisture must be monitored and controlled.
  • Germination percentage should be checked at harvest, during storage and before seeding. Low germination seed should not be used. n Do not retain seed from hybrid canola.
  • Correct seeding depth, conditions and agronomy are essential when sowing weather damaged seed

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