GRDC Grains Research Update for Advisers (Adelaide, SA) 2014

Published: 25 Feb 2014

Front cover of Update Proceedings Booklet 2014

The Update Proceedings Booklet from the South Australia session of the GRDC Grains Research Update for Advisers, held in Adelaide on 25-26 February 2014. The theme for this Update was Share knowledge - accelerate adoption. The full proceedings booklet can be downloaded from the download box on this page.

Proceedings Contents

Day 1

Theme: Share knowledge – accelerate adoption

Strategies and tactics to extend whole farm water use efficiency – sow on time or early, James Hunt, CSIRO

Retaining and developing pesticide options for you and your clients, Ken Young, GRDC

Maintaining market access – keeping it clean, Tony Russell, GIMAF

Concurrent Sessions

Getting the best from barley – agronomy and management, Kenton Porker, SARDI

To windrow or not to windrow in 2014? This is the question, but if so, when? Maurie Street, Grain Orana Alliance

Exploring herbicide tolerance in lentils, Chris Davey, YP AG

Pulse varieties and agronomy update, Michael Lines, SARDI

Diseases in pulse crops during 2013, Jenny Davidson, SARDI

Plant growth regulators in broad acre crops, Tina Acuna, TIA

Feeding the dragon – modernisation of China’s food industry and what it means to the Australian grains industry? Stephen Radeski, ANZ

Blackleg pod infection, resistance group monitoring and sclerotinia, Steve Marcroft, Marcroft Grains Pathology

Maintaining flexibility and options with pre-emergents, Chris Preston, University of Adelaide

Slug management practices – what is working? Jon Midwood, SFS

Maximising the nitrogen benefits of rhizobial inoculation, Maarten Ryder, University of Adelaide

Is social media working for you? Prudence Cook, DEPI, Vic

Putting social media and new information communication to work, Emma Leonard, AgriKnowHow

New canola varieties for 2014, Trent Potter, Yeruga Crop Research

Testing retained sowing seed of hybrid canola over a range of rainfall zones, Trent Potter, Yeruga Crop Research

Final Session

Students at work

Evolution of herbicide resistance in Barley grass (Hordeum glaucum Steud.) populations across cropping systems of South Australia, Lovreet Shergill, University of Adelaide

The competitive position of Australian grains in SE Asian markets – five years after deregulation, Soon-Bin Neoh, Soon Soon Group of Companies

Day 2

Concurrent Sessions

Barley variety update 2014, Jason Eglinton, University of Adelaide 

Do we need to revisit potassium? Rob Norton, IPNI 

Cereal disease update – South Australia 2014, Hugh Wallwork, SARDI 

Wheat variety research update for 2014, Rob Wheeler, SARDI 

Controlling herbicide resistant radish with herbicides in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) of WA with a two spray strategy, Grant Thompson, Crop Circle Consulting

To guess, to probe or to model soil water – an agronomist’s dilemma, Harm van Rees, Cropfacts P/L 

Biopesticides – fresh hope for the future, Gavin Ash, Charles Sturt University 

Opportunities with liquid systems, Peter Burgess, Liquid Systems (SA) 

Rhizoctonia control improved by liquid banding of fungicides, Alan McKay, SARDI 

Seamless prediction – environmental intelligence for today, this week, next month, next season, Darren Ray, Bureau of Meteorology 

Increasing agricultural production by alleviating soil constraints in South Australia, Dave Davenport, Rural Solutions SA 

Soil amelioration, Roger Groocock, Groocock Soil Improvement

Refining snail chemical control, Greg Baker, SARDI 

Final Session

Robotics and intelligent systems for large scale agriculture, Robert Fitch, University of Sydney 

Are you happy? Identify the why in you, Dennis Hoiberg, Lessons Learnt Consulting

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