2019 Victorian Winter Crop Summary

Published: 6 Nov 2018


This publication summarises information on current varieties of the major winter crops grown in Victoria. Sources of additional information are listed in each chapter. Local advisers are also a key resource for information relevant to individual localities. This publication aims to prompt growers to ask themselves, ‘Am I growing the best variety for my situation?’ Use it as a guide for discussion with consultants, advisers and marketing agents.

Correction notice

For growers and advisors that received a hard copy of the 2019 Victorian Winter Crop Summary or downloaded an electronic version from the GRDC website prior to 15th November 2018 there was an error on page 43 of this publication. The final header in (Continued) Table 3 on page 43, should read ‘Dual-herbicide tolerant canola’ not ‘Roundup Ready and Triazine Tolerant Canola’. All other information listed under this heading for these two varieties is correct. Hyola® 580 CT is a non-GM stacked hybrid and therefore can be grown in South Australia and Tasmania.

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Region: South

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