Seeding systems - case studies of growers in WA

Published: 1 Feb 2019

At their August 2017 meeting, Kwinana West port zone RCSN members noted that with a tricky start to the season, some growers had managed to successfully establish crops evenly and uniformly across paddocks and this translated to yield at the other end of the season.

So, what was the difference? One way to find out was to identify some of these growers and then ask them what seeding system they were using and why it worked for them. As a result of these interviews, a collection of case studies of growers in the western region documenting real data and experiences was developed.

Twenty-five growers have been interviewed and their experiences have been included in this booklet. We would like to acknowledge the support of these growers in sharing this knowledge, as grower-to-grower sharing is invaluable and is often the best way to adoption of new practices for other growers.

‘Seeding Systems – Case Studies of Growers in WA: An Initiative of the Regional Cropping Solutions Network’ features 25 case study participants from across the Western Australian wheatbelt. It takes a closer look at the seeding systems these growers are using to help improve crop establishment on their properties. GRDC has captured some of the tips and tricks that growers have adopted to make the decision on what systems work for them.

We hope that this booklet can provide growers in the western region with the knowledge to assess the risks and rewards and have the confidence to try different seeding systems on their own properties.

THANK YOU! Thank you to each of the 25 growers who shared what they do and why they do it for the broader benefit of the grain growers of Western Australia.

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Region: West

ISBN: 978-1-921779-65-7 (print)

ISBN: 978-1-921779-66-4 (Online)

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