2021 South Australian Crop Sowing Guide

Published: 4 Nov 2020

The South Australian Crop Sowing Guide outlines information on current varieties of the major winter crops suitable to be grown in South Australia to assist growers in making decisions on variety selection for the upcoming season.

The variety trial results presented in this book are sourced from the NVT program, the National Oat Breeding Program and the National Vetch Breeding

NVT provide independent information on varieties for growers. The aim of each NVT is to document a ranking of new and widely adopted varieties in
terms of grain yield and to provide grain quality information relevant to delivery standards. NVT are also used by pathologists to determine disease resistance ratings used in the sowing guide.

Conducted to a set of predetermined protocols, variety trials are sown and managed as closely as possible to local best practice, such as sowing time, fertiliser application, weed management, and pest and disease control, including fungicide application. NVT are not designed to grow varieties to their
maximum yield potential.

It is acknowledged that an ongoing project of this type would not be possible without the cooperation of growers prepared to contribute sites, and who
often assist with the management of trials on their property.

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