On the right track - controlled traffic in the low rainfall zone of south-eastern Australia

Published: 8 Jan 2020

Controlled traffic farming (CTF) is becoming widely adopted in the Australian grains industry, with a national average of around 30 per cent of farms using the system, but the low rainfall zone (LRZ) of south-eastern Australia, with an adoption rate of only 5 per cent, is a marked exception.

The intention of this book is to support deliberations about CTF in the LRZ of south-eastern Australia by providing locally developed insights into its impacts and tips on how best to implement it.

As well as general information about CTF in the LRZ that will help decision making, this book is packed with practical information that will help interested grain growers to adopt the system as smoothly and inexpensively as possible. There are many case studies of growers who have grappled with the adoption of CTF. These growers hope that their experience will help others achieve a smooth transition into CTF.

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GRDC Project Code: ACT1407-001RTX,