Regional Panels

We have three Regional Panels for the three grain growing regions:

The panels ensure our investments are in the best interests of growers and deliver impact to each grain-growing region.

The Regional Panels are made up of:

  • grain growers
  • agribusiness practitioners
  • scientists
  • our executive managers
  • other industry experts, as appropriate.

Each regional panel:

  • identifies and monitors regional and national grains industry constraints and opportunities to enhanced grain grower profitability that are relevant to the region
  • interacts with GRDC's Grower Network, farming systems groups, and other interested parties in the region to identify RD&E ideas and investment options
  • participates in Key Investment Target team meetings to develop GRDC's strategic investment areas
  • reviews investment proposals presented by GRDC staff, provides feedback to GRDC investment managers and investment advice to National Panel
  • in partnership with GRDC staff, keeps growers and advisers in the region informed and aware of GRDC's strategic investment direction, its investment portfolio and specific research projects
  • assists staff in monitoring the effectiveness of the investment portfolio.

National Panel

The National Panel identifies research, development and extension priorities across our investment portfolio and reviews investment proposals that have gone to Regional Panels.

The National Panel is composed of:

  • the Chairs of the three regional panels
  • the Managing Director
  • our executive managers.