Online Farm Trials

A GRDC investment, Online Farm Trials (OFT) is a web based searchable database of cropping research trials undertaken and contributed by a wide range of grower and farming system groups, government research teams, universities and industry organisations.

Developed by the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation at Federation University Australia and launched in 2014, OFT provides open access to historical and current trial research information and data on a broad range of cropping topics and issues that can assist growers with decision making, planning and the adoption of new practices.

OFT includes web based interactive maps, search and filtering tools to quickly and easily find trials on a topic of interest or in a particular region.

Access OFT at

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OFT objectives and features

The primary purpose of OFT is to provide access to past and current research information and data that will assist growers improve the productivity and sustainability of their farm enterprise. OFT supports and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and findings of research projects through a digital platform that can be used by growers and advisors to inform farm decision making and develop strategies to address crop production methods, problems and issues.

OFT works with grower groups, regional farming networks, research organisations, government agencies and industry to bring a wide range of crop research datasets and literature into a fully accessible and open online digital repository. The OFT platform includes support and tools for research providers to digitise, upload, manage and publish their past and current trial information, data and documents.

Key features of the OFT web platform include:

  • An interactive map of contributed trial locations;
  • Trial search and filter interface with trial information summaries and visualisation of results;
  • Integrated soil and climate information for each trial;
  • Viewable and downloadable trial report documents;
  • Links to other related resources and information; and
  • Web based trial information and data upload, management and publication interface for research contributors.

Research providers retain all intellectual property rights and ownership of the submitted data and information and maintain full control of the trials uploaded and hosted on OFT.

The process of collating, digitising and georeferencing trials also provides new opportunities to link trial data with other information such as climate and soil data from sources such as the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather station observations and resources like the Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia’s soil attribute datasets.