Our investment process

The GRDC aspires to be the R&D department driving the profitability of Australia’s grain growing businesses.  Our investment practices ensure the GRDC levy is one of the best investments a grain grower can make. We have rigorous processes to ensure research and development (R&D) responds to growers needs – both nationally and regionally. Investment is targeted at projects with high potential to produce direct benefits.

Investment goals

Our investments must:

  • deliver the highest impact improve the profitability of Australia’s grain growers
  • facilitate ways for research to be applied within the industry
  • provide the best return on investment
  • align with our key areas of investment.

New approach to investment management

In response to the changing dynamics in the grains research and extension landscape the GRDC has implemented new investment management processes.  This includes the adoption of a continuous investment cycle and new online IT systems to improve the way that research and extension providers will apply to partner with the GRDC and manage RD&E investments.

This new system will feature an ongoing call for investment partners, replacing the traditional annual External Investment Plan and is targeted at simplifying the application and reporting process for our research partners. As such, there will no longer be an annual call for applications. Calls for investment partners will now be advertised on the GRDC website on an ongoing basis and updates can be monitored through alert subscriptions for investment areas of interest.

This plan guides the GRDC’s investments in grains research, development and extension priorities for the period 2018–2023.

This plan specifically targets profitability for Australian grain growers, recognising the challenges ahead in the Australian grains industry to improve rates of return, through increased yields  and reduced costs.

  • Research, Development & Extension plan 2018-23

    This plan prioritises investments against each of the key drivers and defines investment objectives, performance measures and targets. Detailed information on each of the priorities is provided in the two-page RD&E plan on pages 29–30.