Seed of Gold Award

The Seed of Gold award recognises the outstanding contribution, dedication and commitment of individuals to communicating research outcomes to the Australian grains industry.

This prestigious award is not awarded often and recognises those who have made a significant contribution to the industry, without would have a devastating impact on the grains industry.

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Stephen Powles


Global herbicide resistance expert Stephen Powles was awarded the rare Seed of Gold award at the Perth Grains Research Update in February.


William (Bill) Murray


International Grains ambassador and entomologist William (Bill) Murray was recognised with several accolades as he prepared to retire from the industry.


Geoff Thomas


Geoff Thomas was left “gobsmacked” when he was presented with the Seed of Gold award recognising his contribution to the grains industry after five decades of industry work.


Trish Griffiths


Trish Griffiths was awarded the very first Seed of Gold award for her efforts in promoting grain-based foods for health, during the Agriculture Australia Conference in Melbourne.